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WayPaver Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

dedicated to making humanity a multi-planet species

by supporting projects on Earth

in the fields of

Exploration, Science & Education, and Sustainability

Current Projects - EXPLORATION


Blue Marble Exploration is an exploration-focused media company, organizing expeditions into extreme environments–in our oceans, on Earth, and in space–for the purpose of scientific discovery and inspirational storytelling.

Humans2Venus - logo.jpg

Humans2Venus is space-focused venture studio whose investment thesis is guided by a long-term vision of humanity as a multi-planet species with a permanent presence of 1,000+ people in the Venusian atmosphere by 2050.

Current Projects - SCIENCE & EDUCATION

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Humans2Venus Foundation is a public organization supporting Venus-focused science and education programs, as well as a private global community of scientists, technologists, entrepreneurs, investors, government officials, educators, and students focused on studying and promoting Venus as a viable option for permanent human settlement.

The Moon Society is a community composed of individuals, organizations, and companies committed to the permanent settlement of the Moon and building a thriving cislunar economy. 

OceanGate Foundation’s mission is to fuel underwater discoveries in nautical archaeology, marine sciences and subsea technology through public outreach and supplemental financial support.

Current Projects - SUSTAINABILITY


Mamoní Valley Preserve is a non-profit conservation organization protecting and enhancing a 12,000-acre rainforest in a globally significant biodiversity hotspot in Panama.

wild earth allies logo.png

Wild Earth Allies works with a wide network of partners to protect wildlife and habitats in culturally appropriate ways.


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