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WayPaver Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

dedicated to making humanity a multi-planet species

by supporting projects on Earth

in the fields of

Exploration, Science, Education, and Sustainability


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Project Moon Hut focuses on creating a sustainable Mearth (Moon + Earth) ecosystem and economy that impacts and improves on the 6 MegaChallenges facing all species: climate change, mass extinction, ecosystems collapses, displacement, unrest, and the explosive impact from excessive human activities.

Humans2Venus Foundation is a public organization supporting Venus-focused science and education programs, as well as a private global community of scientists, technologists, entrepreneurs, investors, government officials, educators, and students focused on studying and promoting Venus as a viable option for permanent human settlement.

An initiative of the Mars Society, the Mars Technology Institute was created to develop technologies that humans will need to settle the Red Planet. 

Supported Projects - SUSTAINABILITY


Mamoní Valley Preserve is a non-profit conservation organization protecting and enhancing a 12,000-acre rainforest in a globally significant biodiversity hotspot in Panama.

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Wild Earth Allies works with a wide network of partners to protect wildlife and habitats in culturally appropriate ways.

Strategic Partners


Blue Marble Exploration is an exploration-focused media company, organizing expeditions into extreme environments–in our oceans, on Earth, and in space–for the purpose of scientific discovery and inspirational storytelling.

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Space Bridge Partners is a boutique advisory firm that connects our global network of private funding sources with space missions focused on exploration, science and education.


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